Keisha "Agent Kee" Mathews

With almost two decades in real estate, Agent Kee is broker and owner of Mathews & Co. Realty Group. She also enjoys hosting Selling Sacramento a weekly radio real estate broadcast on 97.5 FM KDEE simultaneously broadcast on FaceBook Live @SellingSacramentoOnTheRadio.

As radio host of "Selling Sacramento" her listening audience receives relevant real estate information from thought provoking guests, local market updates, and she often uses the time to take a deep, informative look back at black history in Sacramento Real Estate.

Kee feels blessed to have the opportunity to take her passion and platform to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, advocating the message of generational wealth building through real estate and financial literacy to the African-American Community in Sacramento.

In January of 2020, she founded Anchor Financial Academy | AFA Real Estate & Wealth Building Conference ( Sacramento's first two-day home buyer preparedness conference with an emphasis on debt-free living, credit restoration, home ownership preparedness, and introduction to investing.

Using her passion for real estate, her deep knowledge of the Sacramento region, and the most innovative and cutting edge technology, Agent Kee is committed to helping people buy, sell, and retain real estate.