Understanding Rental Trends in Sacramento County

For those venturing into it for the first time this information will explore the factors that influence rental prices and offer insights to help you make informed decisions about where to live. Sacramento County, with its diverse neighborhoods and varying rental prices, serves as a perfect case study to understand the intricacies of the rental market.

Sacramento County is home to a wide range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and set of amenities. From the thriving downtown areas to our serene suburban nooks, there is something for everyone. However, the location of a neighborhood significantly impacts rental prices. Typically, areas closer to downtown, with easy access to public transportation, shops, restaurants, and other amenities, command higher rents. For instance, our analysis shows that neighborhoods like Sacto International Airport & Vicinity and No Sacto/Natomas/Del Paso Heights have some of the highest median rents in the county.

Rental prices can vary widely even within the same neighborhood, influenced by factors such as the size of the property, its condition, and the presence of modern amenities like updated appliances, air conditioning, and parking facilities. Our data reveals a broad range of rents across different neighborhoods in Sacramento County, reflecting the diverse housing options available to renters. For example, while the median rent in the Midtown/Downtown area stands at $2,600, prices can fluctuate between $2,106 and $5,216, indicating a wide variety of housing options and price points.

When searching for a rental, it's crucial to consider both the median rent and the range of rents within a neighborhood. This approach provides a clearer picture of what you can expect to pay and helps you identify areas that offer the best value for your budget. Additionally, exploring different neighborhoods and comparing their amenities and overall vibe can help you find a community that truly feels like home.

Before committing to a rental, take the time to research and visit potential neighborhoods. Speak with locals, read online forums, and compare rental listings to gauge the average prices and what you can expect for your budget. This hands-on approach will not only help you find a rental that meets your needs but also ensure you're getting a fair deal in the current market.

Understanding the rental market requires a blend of research, patience, and a clear idea of what you're looking for in a home. By taking into account location, amenities, and the variability in rental prices, you can navigate the Sacramento County rental market with confidence. Remember, the perfect rental is out there—it just takes a bit of effort to find it.

Median Area Rent by Neighborhoods in Sacramento County
(Criteria: 3 bed 2 bath; structure: house)



95811 $2,600 ($2,106-$5,216)
95816 $2,495 ($2,062 - $3,733)

Mansion Flats/Alkalai Flats

95814 $2,770 ($2,051-$5,211)

Arden/Arcade Creek/Vicinity

95815 $1,950 ($1252-$3023)

Oak Park/North Oak Park/Elmhurst

95817 $2,200 ($1,713-$3,338)

Land Park/Curtis Park

95818 $2,495 ($1,200-$3,195)

East Sacramento/River Park

95819 $2,750 ($2,166-$3,829)

Tahoe Park/Colonial Heights/Fruitridge

95820 $2,245 ($1,050-$2,800)

Arden-Arcade - Zip codes:

95821 $2,100 ($1,428-$2,762)

South Land/Hollywood Park

95822 $2,250 ($1,325-$2,620)


95823 $2,200 ($1,421-$3,129)

Elder Creek/Fruitridge

95824 $1,995 ($1,412-$2,537)

Campus Commons

95825 $2,295 ($1,520-$2,729)

Rosemont/College Grns/Mayhew

95826 $2,295 ($1,621-$2,830)
95827 $2,200 ($1,678-$2,507)


95828 $1,975 ($1,695-$2,700)


95829 $2,695 ($1,746-$3,704)


95832 $2,595 ($1,979-$3,266)


95831 $2,400 ($1,995-$2,995)
95835 $2,535 ($2,360-$3,215)

South Natomas

95833 $2,595 ($1,850-$3,245)
95834 $2,400 ($2,116-$3,329)
95835 $2,000 ($1,879-$2,920)

No Sacto/Natomas/Del Paso Heights

95836 $2,895 ($2,068-$3,802)
95838 $2,000 ($1,337-$2,753)

Sacto International Airport & Vicinity

95837 $3,295 ($1,654-$4,241)

Amber Park

95841 $2,045 ($1,352-$2,623)

Foothill Farms

95842 $2,350 ($1,620-$2,866)


95843 $2,410 ($1,879-$2,716)

Sierra Oaks

95864 $2,195 ($1,179-$3,971)

Fair Oaks

95628 $2,650 ($1,848-$3,077)

Elk Grove/Pleasant Grove/Sheldon

95624 $2,850 ($1,987-$3,908)

Elk Grove/Franklin

95757 $2,950 ($1,613-$4,238)

Elk Grove/Laguna West

95758 $2,410 ($2,062-$2,728)

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Data BiggerPockets Real Estate Rent Estimator. Compiled on 03/10/2024 by Keisha “Kee” Mathews, Mathews & Co Realty Group DRE 01439130. www.AgentKee.com

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