We at Mathews & Co. Realty Group [MCRG] value sincerely our business relationship as well as friendship with you.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and in keeping with that theme we surround ourselves with partners who share that same value. 

Our business is 98% by referral only because people value being treated well and will refer their family and friends if they can trust you to take excellent care of them.

We are only as strong as the people whom we surround ourselves with. That means our lender partners are those who are intentional about continuing education and keeping themselves current to educate their clients. And most importantly have an attitude of servitude to strive to provide the best in excellent customer service.

The expectation of an MCRG lender partner:

1. Prompt response time and follow through. Preferably within 8 hours. If they are unable to hold a detailed initial conversation, they are asked to initially acknowledge the lead and let them know when to expect contact.

2. An initial face-to-face conversation for new home buyers and as needed where they will educate you about the loan process, evaluate your financial status, share loan options and programs, and recommend the best known package of packages according to your goals and needs.

3. Once in escrow, continue to provide personal updates about the status of the loan from start to finish. Including but not limited to once the file has been submitted to underwriting, once the appraisal has been ordered, any issues or delays, when the file has been fully approved, when the CD is expected and has been issued and acknowledged, and when docs have been submitted to title.

MCRG is dedicated and committed to being an outstanding provider of service in the real estate industry in Sacramento. We hope that you find having lender partners willing to uphold the bar shows how we appreciate you dearly and want you to continue to be a part of us as we uphold the standard of real estate and excellent customer service in the industry.  


Jamal Bey, Mortgage Lender
Guild Mortgage
Mobile (510) 502-4850
NMLS# 1575748
[email protected]

Tanisha Broadway, Mortgage Consultant
Element Mortgage
(916) 671-6299
(916) 246-1095
NMLS# 700482
[email protected] 
Jeff Collins, Mortgage Loan Officer
United Wholesale Lending
(925) 381-3536
NMLS# 1150468
[email protected]

Kam Grant, Loan Officer
Big Valley Mortgage
(916) 670-6501 Work 
(626) 221-0415 Mobile
NMLS# 1270369
[email protected]
Joe Green, Mortgage Broker
Green Mortgage Solutions
(916) 477-8050
(888) 370-5187
NMLS# 1729528
DRE# 02058505
[email protected]

Phillip Hinojoza, Branch Mgr.
Land Home Financial
(916) 549-9536 Mobile
NMLS# 249712
[email protected]

Eddie Johnson, Branch Manager
Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC
(916) 549-3412
NMLS# 548125
[email protected]

Juan Lashley, Sr. Loan Officer
Prime Lending Mortgage
(916) 549-3997 Mobile
(916) 412-2400 Mobile
NMLS# 583064
[email protected]
Sumer Lopes, Loan Officer
Sumer Home Loans
(916) 813-2243 Work
NMLS# 1098154
DRE ID #01454391
[email protected]
Daniel Robertson, Loan Officer

Golden Bay Mortgage Group
(916) 450-1507 Mobile
NMLS #2034925
DRE #02144694
[email protected]

Raymond Londell Upchurch, Loan Officer
Excel Mortgage Services
(916) 544-3229
NMLS# 960856
[email protected]