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Beyond the Ordinary: Reaching Hidden Buyers with Extraordinary Marketing

You've asked yourself, "How is Agent Kee going to market my house?" You're right to wonder. While the MLS is our powerhouse, it might not reach everyone. In Chapter 5 of my Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide, we dig deep into a marketing strategy that will make your home irresistible even to those who aren't actively looking!

Your Home's Special Opportunities and Unique Strategies

  • Move Safe™ Certification: Safety first! In times of COVID-19, we've incorporated virtual meetings and secure showings.
  • Escrow and Preliminary Title Report: Minimizing risks and managing every step, all for you.
  • Light Staging: Enhance your home's appeal, and potentially sell faster at a higher price.
  • Professional Photography and Videos: Capture your home's unique charm in the best possible light.
  • Social Media, Direct Mails, Flyers: Broadening your reach to neighbors, REALTOR®s, and our extensive client database.
  • Open Houses and Virtual Showings: In-person or online, we make sure potential buyers can explore your home safely.
  • Weekly Updates: Constant communication ensures you’re never in the dark.
  • Post-Closing Services: Providing seamless access to all your transaction documents.

Why This Matters

These aren't just extra frills. These are strategic steps we take to increase your home's exposure beyond the MLS. With so many “what if” scenarios, it's essential to reach all potential buyers, whether actively looking or casually interested.


By the end of this chapter, you'll feel confident knowing we've got you covered with a comprehensive marketing plan. Our tailored approach guarantees maximum exposure for your home, reaching buyers who might fall in love with your property even if they aren't actively searching. But remember, marketing is just one aspect of selling your home. Stay tuned for more insights in our upcoming chapters.

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Ready to dive even deeper into the world of home selling? Join me, Agent Kee, on my podcast as I narrate this exciting chapter, providing insider tips and perspectives that can't be missed. Whether you're on the move or just prefer audio content, the podcast version of "Marketing Magic: Casting the Wider Net Beyond MLS" will keep you engaged and informed. Tune in now here and let's make your home-selling journey a resounding success!